Your DNA is everywhere. Can the police analyze it? | Ars Technica

Anybody who has watched a crime drama knows the trick. The cops need someone’s DNA, but they don’t have a warrant, so they invite the suspect to the station house, knowing some of the perp’s genetic material will likely be left behind. Bingo, crime solved. Next case.

A human sheds as much as 100 pounds of DNA-containing material in a lifetime and about 30,000 skin cells an hour. But who owns that DNA is the latest modern-day privacy issue before the US Supreme Court. At its core, the issue focuses on whether we must live in a hermetically sealed bubble to avoid potentially having our genetic traits catalogued and analyzed by the government.

The Supreme Court’s justices will meet privately on February 27 to consider putting a case with this science-fiction-like question on their docket. The dispute blends science, technology, genetic privacy, and a real-world, unspeakable crime against a woman.

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New NYPD Anti-Terror Unit Will Get Machine Guns To Police Protesters: Gothamist

New NYPD Anti-Terror Unit Will Get Machine Guns To Police Protesters: Gothamist

Murders reached a historic low in NYC for 2014; overall crime was down across the board by nearly 5%; hell, even the holiday slowdown didn’t really lead to any additional crime. So clearly, now is the time when NYC really needs to implement a new anti-terrorism program which would empower a team of NYPD officers to roam around the city carrying machine guns. What could go wrong?

Police Commissioner Bratton made the announcement earlier today at an event hosted by the Police Foundation at the Mandarin Oriental. He said that the new 350 cop unit, called The Strategic Response Group, will be dedicated to “disorder control and counterterrorism protection capabilities” against attacks like the hostage situation in Sydney, which the NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence John Miller said was an inevitability in NYC.

This new squad will be used to investigate and combat terrorist plots, lone wolf terrorists, and… protests.

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The NSA Has the Master Key to Unlock Your Phone’s Messages

The NSA Has the Master Key to Unlock Your Phone's Messages

According to top-secret documents given to The Intercept by Edward Snowden, British and American spies stole encryption keys from the largest SIM card manufacturer in the world. This could make it a lot easier for the NSA to conduct widespread surveillance of wireless communications without ever asking permission or even letting on that it’s doing so.

With these stolen keys, the NSA and GCHQ (the British equivalent) have the ability to conduct surveillance on our phones without getting warrants or asking permission from telecom companies or foreign governments. The SIM card manufacturer, Gemalto, sells to Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and over 450 wireless carriers worldwide, so the theft gives spies a tool to unlock an untold number of communications by effectively neutering telecom companies’ security.

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Awesome: Judge Andrew Hanen used Pres. Obama’s own words to justify his ruling halting executive amnesty

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D.C. area attorney Aaron Worthing noticed some rather persuasive language used by Judge Andrew Hanen in his recent ruling putting on hold President Obama’s executive amnesty immigration order — words from President Obama himself:

Well, he was a Constitutional law professor and all.

Here’s a little bigger screenshot from Page 107 of yesterday’s ruling:


So the legal argument, “I’m evolving,” doesn’t hold much water when dealing with a federal judge? Good to know.

As for the future of Obama’s executive amnesty scheme, this delay might become permanent:

And for what it’s worth, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson announced earlier that his department will comply with Judge Hanen’s ruling and won’t begin processing DACA applications:

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▶ Muslims Lay Flowers at Site Where Danish Terrorist Was Killed By Police – YouTube

▶ Muslims Lay Flowers at Site Where Danish Terrorist Was Killed By Police – YouTube.

‘OH. MY. GOD.’ Creepy Joe Biden strikes again at swearing in of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter! [photo]

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“OH. MY. GOD.” is right.

Check out what could be the most Joe-Bideny of the Joe-Biden-acts-inappropriately pics yet:

Caption contest: What is the vice president whispering in her ear?


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Obama’s ‘success story’ continues to crumble: Saudi Arabia, Italy, Germany evacuate Yemen embassies

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Earlier this week, The U.S. announced that the American embassy in Yemen would be closing and the ambassador had been ordered to leave.

Next up to leave Yemen: Saudi Arabia:

Italy and Germany have also closed their embassies in Yemen:

Obama’s anti-terror “success story” keeps getting worse.

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▶ NBC Lies: Brian Williams Was Frodo, George Washington, & Abe Lincoln – YouTube

▶ NBC Lies: Brian Williams Was Frodo, George Washington, & Abe Lincoln – YouTube.

2 Year Old Siemens Turbines Falling Apart: Wind Farm Investors, Get Out While You Can

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burnt out tubine at ocotillo

These days, the spontaneous combustion of wind turbines is an occurrence so common that STT is thinking about opening a sub-branch that deals exclusively with their terrifying pyrotechnic-melt-downs.

Giant fan conflagrations are 10 times more common than the wind industry and its parasites will ever admit (see our post here).

And these unscheduled fireworks shows have the potential of literally setting the world on fire. Overheating bearings and brakes turn a couple of hundred litres of hydraulic oil, plastics etc into an exploding, toxic fireball.

As such, these things make the perfect incendiaries: putting the lives of rural residents at risk – not only because bushfires are a mortal threat, but because the presence of paddocks full of these 160m whirling monsters rules out the use of aerial water bombing to douse the flames, and bring raging infernos under control (see our post here).

The latest flaming-fan-tale comes…

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New NASA video showing a 3D map of Greenlands Ice Sheet proves once again that climate change is natural

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Watch this great short video showing a 3D map of Greenlands ice sheet, demonstrating 3 distinct warming patterns in just the past 100,000 years, alone.

And for a bit of extra enjoyment, watch Andrew Klavan rip apart the Global Warming hysterics.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 7.35.19 AM

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▶ A special kind of hate – YouTube

▶ A special kind of hate – YouTube.

▶ Carly Fiorina Mocks Hillary’s State Dept Record: ‘Flying is an Activity, Not an Accomplishment’ – YouTube

▶ Carly Fiorina Mocks Hillary's State Dept Record: 'Flying is an Activity, Not an Accomplishment' – YouTube.

▶ Utah Bill Would Turn Off Water to NSA Data Center in Bluffdale – YouTube

▶ Utah Bill Would Turn Off Water to NSA Data Center in Bluffdale – YouTube.

UK prime minister wants backdoors into messaging apps or he’ll ban them | Ars Technica

Is it me or does this sound dictatorial?

UK prime minister wants backdoors into messaging apps or he’ll ban them | Ars Technica

David Cameron, the British Prime minister, is one-upping his Western allies when it comes to anti-encryption propaganda. Ahead of national elections in May, Cameron said that if re-elected, he would seek to ban encrypted online messaging apps unless the UK government is given backdoors.

“Are we going to allow a means of communications which it simply isn’t possible to read?” Cameron said Monday while campaigning, in reference to apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other encrypted services. “My answer to that question is: ‘No, we must not.'”

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Cops Have Used a Secret Radar That “Sees” Through Walls for Two Years

Cops Have Used a Secret Radar That

A new device that can “see” through walls using radio waves started stirring up privacy concerns in a federal appeals court just last month. And it’s about damn time; according to a recent report from USA Today, over 50 law enforcement agencies have secretly been using the new radars for the past two years.

The Range-R motion detector, which is being employed by the FBI and U.S. Marshals Service among other outlets, allows police to essentially see through a home’s walls before a raid and from up to 50 feet away. So if anyone inside is moving or even so much as breathing, law enforcement will know about it before busting in.

By holding the sensor against the outside of your home, cops can transmit radar pulses through the wall, allowing them to reflect off any object they may come into contact with. As the scanner analyzes these returned signals, it then detects whether any were bouncing off a moving object in particular, classifying it as either a “mover” (more active) or a “breather” (less active).

And apparently, they’re doing all this without ever obtaining a warrant.

MORE  –  –  – Cops Have Used a Secret Radar That “Sees” Through Walls for Two Years. Sends Personal Data to Dozens of Tracking Websites Sends Personal Data to Dozens of Tracking Websites

EFF researchers have independently confirmed that is sending personal health information to at least 14 third party domains, even if the user has enabled Do Not Track. The information is sent via the referrer header, which contains the URL of the page requesting a third party resource. The referrer header is an essential part of the HTTP protocol, and is sent for every request that is made on the web. The referrer header lets the requested resource know what URL the request came from. This would for example let a website know who else was linking to their pages. In this case however the referrer URL contains personal health information.

In some cases the information is also sent embedded in the request string itself, like so:;src=…type=20142003;cat=201420;ord=7917385912018;~oref= &step=4?

In the above example, a URL at is requested by your browser. Appended to the end of this URL is your age, smoking status, preganacy status, parental status, zip code, state and annual income. This URL is requested by your browser after you fill out the required information on and click the button to view health insurance plans that you are eligible for.

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‘Every show sold out!': Look at these lines to see ‘American Sniper’ [pics]

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Twitchy reported on how Clint Eastwood’s biopic about famed Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle showed all signs of being huge. ‘God bless our military': ‘American Sniper’ set to shatter box office records.

Fans around the country confirmed this with pictures of the throngs of people waiting in line to see “American Sniper” this weekend. Holy cow.

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Wind Energy’s Bluster Peters Out

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Marita Noon — Heartland Institute — January 12, 2015

Touted as “America’s first offshore wind project,” Cape Wind became one of America’s most high-profile and most controversial wind-energy projects. Fourteen years in the making, estimated at $2.6 billion for 130 turbines, covering 25 square miles in Nantucket Sound off the coast of Massachusetts, the Cape Wind project has yet to install one turbine—let alone produce any electricity. Now, it may be “dead in the water.”

On January 6, the two power companies, National Grid and Northeast Utilities, that had agreed to purchase most of the electricity Cape Wind was to generate, terminated their contracts with the developers due to missed milestones. Under the terms of the contracts, Cape Wind had to secure financing and give notices to proceed to its suppliers to start work by December 31, 2014. Neither happened and both companies filed to cancel power purchase agreements. “The…

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James Woods calls out CNN’s ‘completely unbiased’ correspondent who called terrorists ‘activists’

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Actor James Woods, who might or might not know he’s been nominated along with Rob Lowe to run for Barbara Boxer’s seat in the Senate, wasn’t pleased to hear that a CNN correspondent on Friday referred to the Islamist terrorists who killed 12 staff members of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo as “activists.”

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Did flame-fanner Chris Hayes air a video showing ‘extensive damage’ from the #NAACPBombing? [pics, video]; Update: Busted!

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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes has been covering the story of a small explosive device that detonated outside a building housing a barbershop and the Colorado Springs chapter of the NAACP and aired a segment last night with an image that caught our eye:


We had no idea the damage to the building was this extensive. Note the gumball machine — not exactly what you’d expect in the offices of the NAACP.

We’ve run a Google-image search for the pic above and didn’t get any hits. Is this damage from the original explosion? Is this damage done by the police or fire department in response to the incident? It’s not clear from what little we saw on MSNBC.

We ask these questions because we don’t know how you get the damage we see above from this:

firecracker or bomb

And where was MSNBC’s photo taken in relation to the barbershop and the NAACP office?

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 11.42.01 AM


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