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▶ The Worst of MSNBC in 2014 | SUPERcuts! #142 – YouTube

▶ The Worst of MSNBC in 2014 | SUPERcuts! #142 – YouTube.

The World’s Climate Change Mafia Meet in Peru | Somewhat Reasonable

The World’s Climate Change Mafia Meet in Peru | Somewhat Reasonable

To understand all the talk of “climate change” you must understand that everything and everyone involved—except for those of us who debunk the lies—are engaged in a criminal enterprise to transfer billions from industrialized nations to those who have failed to provide a thriving economy, often because they are run by dictators or corrupt governments who skim the money for themselves.

 The lies being inflicted on Americans include Obama’s “war on coal” that is shutting down coal-fired plants that affordably and efficiently produce the electricity the nation needs, along with the six-year delay of the Keystone XL pipeline. Add in the thousands of Environmental Protection Agency regulations affecting our manufacturing, business and agricultural sectors and the price we are paying is huge.

 At its heart, environmentalism hates capitalism.

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Breitbart investigation: Lena Dunham’s story of rape by campus Republican ‘evaporated into pixie dust’

Originally posted on Twitchy:

While promoting her memoir, “Not That Kind of Girl,” feminist and 2012 Glamour “Woman of the Year” Lena Dunham found herself in the awkward position of apologizing for her “comic use” of the term “sexual predator.”

If you recall, it was in a particularly disturbing passage that Dunham referred to herself as a young girl acting as a sexual predator. In the meantime, mainstream and feminist media lauded a chapter in which Dunham recounted a college rape by Barry, “a mustachioed campus Republican” in purple cowboy boots, as “a must-read.”

So now why is the book back in the news? Breitbart.com’s John Nolte today writes that after a month-long investigation:

… Breitbart News could not find a Republican named Barry who attended Oberlin during Dunham’s time there who came anywhere close to matching her description of him. In fact, we could not find anyone who remembered any Oberlin Republican who matched…

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A List of Businesses Looted and Damaged During the Ferguson Riots

TAMMY BRUCE: Ferguson and the useful application of mayhem

tammy bruceBy Tammy Bruce – – Monday, December 1, 2014

For President Obama and his cronies, everything is political and everyone is a pawn. After a grand jury declined to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown, the White House and Department of Justice immediately pushed the meme that the issue in Ferguson was about racism and policing. While a legitimate issue, in reality it is a symptom of the systemic problem of big-government-sponsored poverty, made worse by the liberal agenda so dear to Mr. Obama himself.

Focusing on the tension between the black community and local law enforcement also serves as an invaluable tool maintaining distrust and perpetuating mayhem, which is exactly what the Democratic Party machine needs. There is an imperative to keep their own biggest supporters, African-Americans, from noticing liberalism’s disastrous economic agenda, which has been condemning communities of color for generations.

The day after being repudiated by the voters in the midterm election, Mr. Obama quietly met with what The New York Times called “national leaders” of the protests in Ferguson, Mo. There, according to Al Sharpton as quoted in the newspaper, the president urged the protesters to “stay the course,” which up to that point had included riots in August.

MORE  –  –  – TAMMY BRUCE: Ferguson and the useful application of mayhem – Washington Times.

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‘Your bias is showing': CNN tweet on Darren Wilson resignation keeps race front and center

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You’ve probably heard Saturday afternoon’s breaking news: Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, cleared of criminal charges in the shooting of Michael Brown, has resigned from the Ferguson police force, effective immediately. Twitchy collected a number of tweets from breaking news organizations in another post, but CNN’s tweet in particular has some people riled up for making sure race stays front and center.

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Prestigious Climate Change Researcher: “Global Warming: The $22B per YEAR Scam”

Originally posted on Quixotes Last Stand:

The Cold Truth Initiative — Scientist Confesses: “Global Warming a $22 Billion Scam”

November 17, 2014

Imagine, for a moment, sitting at a prestigious steakhouse in Palm Beach, Florida, a hot spot for some of the most wealthy and famous — Donald Trump, Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, James Patterson, Rush Limbaugh, and hundreds more.

And, imagine dining with a handful of men you’ve only read about. Some of them are worth millions, others published best-selling books, and some have held prominent positions at the White House.

In essence, you’re sitting at a five-person table of VIPs.

You’re about to take a bite of your New York strip when one of the men, a top U.S. intelligence agent, slams a 164-page document in the middle of the table.

This document, you soon find out, contains damning evidence that a network of politicians, corporations, and scientists have conspired together to promote the…

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Responsi-Damn-bility – YouTube

Responsi-Damn-bility – YouTube.

▶ Ferguson Business Owner Goes Off On Gov. Nixon For Mass Looting & Destruction – YouTube

▶ Ferguson Business Owner Goes Off On Gov. Nixon For Mass Looting & Destruction – YouTube.

Homeland Security Today: Security Firms Discover ‘Groundbreaking and Almost Peerless’ New Malware

A sophisticated piece of malware likely developed by a nation-state has been conducting systematic spying operations against government organizations, infrastructure operators, businesses, researchers and private individuals across the globe for six years, according to security firm Symantec Corporation.


Dubbed “Regin,” Symantec characterizes the malware as “groundbreaking and almost peerless” and displaying “a degree of technical competence rarely seen.”


Developed over the course of months, if not years, the capabilities and level of resources dedicated to Regin indicate a strong possibility that a nation-state is behind the malware.


Researchers at Symantec discovered two versions of Regin, one that was in operation between 2008 and 2011, and another used from 2013 onwards. The malware does not appear to target any specific industry sector, and infections have been observed in a variety of organizations, including research organizations, government agencies and private companies.

MORE – – – Homeland Security Today: Security Firms Discover ‘Groundbreaking and Almost Peerless’ New Malware.

Does First Amendment give Ferguson hoodlums right to riot?


WASHINGTON, November 26, 2014 — America and the upstanding residents of Ferguson, Mo., have had enough of the rioting, looting and mayhem in the name of Michael Brown. The line of peaceful assembly that Rev. King and other civil rights leaders stood and died for has been abandoned. Instead, local and state officials in Missouri are bending over backward wondering, does the First Amendment give Ferguson hoodlums rioting rights?

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.35.39 PM_400pxIt was easy to predict that Ferguson would explode into violence if Officer Darren Wilson weren’t indicted. The warnings from elected officials were plentiful, including from Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, who on Monday, Nov. 17 declared a state of emergency and ordered the state’s National Guard to support police in case of violence after the grand jury rendered it decision.

All warnings aside, this was a notice to the good citizens of Ferguson: Make certain that you have your guard up. The governor was anticipating that there were going to be some super angry community thugs, lawbreakers, and race-hating trouble makers getting ready to light up their streets once darkness and a decision fell upon them.

Preparing for night violence instead of banning night protests is common sense. Accommodating nighttime violence is nonsense. Have the governor, the public officials of Ferguson and the nation lost their minds and their common sense? How does any definition of freedom of speech and First Amendment rights fit logically into rioting or even marching at night? How can that be anything more than an open invitation to violence? Let’s be serious for a moment.

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People Starting To Ask About Motive For Massive IPCC Deception

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:

Guest Opinion: Dr.Tim Ball

Skeptics have done a reasonable job of explaining what and how the IPCC created bad climate science. Now, as more people understand what the skeptics are saying, the question that most skeptics have not, or do not want to address is being asked – why? What is the motive behind corrupting science to such an extent? Some skeptics seem to believe it is just poor quality scientists, who don’t understand physics, but that doesn’t explain the amount, and obviously deliberate nature, of what has been presented to the public. What motive would you give, when asked?

The first step in understanding, is knowledge about how easily large-scale deceptions are achieved. Here is an explanation from one of the best proponents in history.

“All this was inspired by the principle – which is quite true in itself – that in the big lie there is always…

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Who’s the real ‘dingbat’? Epic fail in progress as morons on Twitter fall for fake Sarah Palin story on immigration

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The satirical website The Daily Currant has struck again, this time convincing a rabid horde of Sarah Palin-haters on Twitter that she made a bunch of embarrassing gaffes while criticizing President Obama’s executive amnesty immigration plan.

For example, here is Hollywood’s Marge Helgenberger linking to the fake story:

An excerpt from the Currant:

“If I were Obama I’d put all 11 million of these folks on boats and send them back to Mexico,” she opined. “The liberal media says it’s impossible to deport that many people. But I say we can do it if we have enough ships.

“Let’s commandeer all the cruise ships, all the fishing vessels and all the yachts those fat cat Obama donors own. And then let’s pack ‘em full…

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Shocker: Top Google Engineers Say Renewable Energy ‘Simply won’t work’

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

google-greenA research effort by Google corporation to make renewable energy viable has been a complete failure, according to the scientists who led the programme. After 4 years of effort, their conclusion is that renewable energy “simply won’t work”.

According to an interview with the engineers, published in IEEE;

“At the start of RE<C, we had shared the attitude of many stalwart environmentalists: We felt that with steady improvements to today’s renewable energy technologies, our society could stave off catastrophic climate change. We now know that to be a false hope …
Renewable energy technologies simply won’t work; we need a fundamentally different approach.”

There is simply no getout clause for renewables supporters. The people who ran the study are very much committed to the belief that CO2 is dangerous – they are supporters of James Hansen. Their sincere goal was not to simply install…

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Don’t look now liar Obama, but this LEGAL immigrant is TEARING into you (and it’s beautiful)

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Huh. Good question! And one that many other legal immigrants had after President Obama’s disgraceful and incredibly bigoted executive amnesty speech.

This legal immigrant rightly tore into the president. And it is beautiful.

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The Canadian MSM is Starting to Pay Attention! Wind Farms Killing Thousands of Bats

Originally posted on Quixotes Last Stand:

Tip o’ the hat to M.K. Barton for this article.

Sheila Pratt — National Post — November 19, 2014

EDMONTON — Thousands of bats die on southern Alberta wind farms each year, but it’s unclear what effect that is having on the overall population, says Canada’s foremost bat expert, Robert Barclay.

Most of the bats die because their lungs collapse when they run into low air pressure around the tips of the wind turbines — not because they hit the towers or blades.

With wind farms now coming to north-central Alberta — including two new projects east of Edmonton — the impact on bats migrating from northern forests needs further study, says Barclay, a University of Calgary biology professor.

It’s a serious issue, but with no accurate count of the province’s bat population, “it’s hard to say if turbines are killing too many,” said Barclay.

“We know very little about…

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New level of Fox News dominance demands analysis – Baltimore Sun

New level of Fox News dominance demands analysis - Baltimore Sun

I think one of the reasons for this latest evolution of ratings dominance might be that Fox was a far better watchdog on the Obama White House than any other TV news organization. It took the heat and the blowback from an administration that showed an enmity for the press not seen on Pennsylvania Avenue since the dark days of Richard Nixon, but it stayed the course. And now with viewers seeing the contempt this administration had for them and the truth, they respect what Fox did the last six years.

Must Read – – – New level of Fox News dominance demands analysis – Baltimore Sun.

U.S.: Wind Energy Firm Sues Government to Block Release of Bird Deaths Data Saying Its Confidential

Originally posted on Quixotes Last Stand:

Dina Cappiello — Associated Press — November 17, 2014

WASHINGTON — A company that operates at least 13 wind-energy facilities across three states is suing in federal court to block the U.S. government from releasing information to The Associated Press about how many birds are found dead at its facilities.

Pacificorp of Portland, Oregon, is seeking an injunction in U.S. District Court in Utah to prevent the Interior Department from releasing information it considers confidential. The Obama administration has said it planned to turn over the material to The Associated Press, which sought it from the Interior Department in March 2013 under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act. The government concluded that the industry’s concerns were “insufficiently convincing” to keep the files secret.

The information the AP sought was part of its larger investigation into bird and eagle deaths at wind farms and the administration’s reluctance to prosecute the cases…

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TAMMY BRUCE: Jonathan Gruber and Obamacare undone by the ‘stupid’ people – Washington Times

– – Monday, November 17, 2014

TAMMY BRUCE: Jonathan Gruber and Obamacare undone by the ‘stupid’ people - Washington Times

It’s the smug, arrogant, elitist attitude heard around the world. In MIT professor and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber’s case, you can hear his attitude even before he enters a room. For the man who describes the American people as stupid, either directly or in some variation, with his comments captured now on multiple videotapes, Mr. Gruber seems to be proving that he has an issue with projection.

Yet if you relied on the mainstream media, you would have a hard time learning about the inside story from one of the law’s architects. For days, ABC, CBS and NBC ignored the story altogether. The New York Times finally addressed it days after it made international news through new media, The Washington Times and Fox News. How did The New York Times approach it? With a snarky, dismissive blog post, only online. If you rely on the paper version of the Gray Lady, you’d never know this was happening.

MORE  –  –  – TAMMY BRUCE: Jonathan Gruber and Obamacare undone by the ‘stupid’ people – Washington Times.


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