Shocker: Top Google Engineers Say Renewable Energy ‘Simply won’t work’

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Guest essay by Eric Worrall

google-greenA research effort by Google corporation to make renewable energy viable has been a complete failure, according to the scientists who led the programme. After 4 years of effort, their conclusion is that renewable energy “simply won’t work”.

According to an interview with the engineers, published in IEEE;

“At the start of RE<C, we had shared the attitude of many stalwart environmentalists: We felt that with steady improvements to today’s renewable energy technologies, our society could stave off catastrophic climate change. We now know that to be a false hope …
Renewable energy technologies simply won’t work; we need a fundamentally different approach.”

There is simply no getout clause for renewables supporters. The people who ran the study are very much committed to the belief that CO2 is dangerous – they are supporters of James Hansen. Their sincere goal was not to simply install…

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Don’t look now liar Obama, but this LEGAL immigrant is TEARING into you (and it’s beautiful)

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Huh. Good question! And one that many other legal immigrants had after President Obama’s disgraceful and incredibly bigoted executive amnesty speech.

This legal immigrant rightly tore into the president. And it is beautiful.

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The Canadian MSM is Starting to Pay Attention! Wind Farms Killing Thousands of Bats

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Tip o’ the hat to M.K. Barton for this article.

Sheila Pratt — National Post — November 19, 2014

EDMONTON — Thousands of bats die on southern Alberta wind farms each year, but it’s unclear what effect that is having on the overall population, says Canada’s foremost bat expert, Robert Barclay.

Most of the bats die because their lungs collapse when they run into low air pressure around the tips of the wind turbines — not because they hit the towers or blades.

With wind farms now coming to north-central Alberta — including two new projects east of Edmonton — the impact on bats migrating from northern forests needs further study, says Barclay, a University of Calgary biology professor.

It’s a serious issue, but with no accurate count of the province’s bat population, “it’s hard to say if turbines are killing too many,” said Barclay.

“We know very little about…

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New level of Fox News dominance demands analysis – Baltimore Sun

New level of Fox News dominance demands analysis - Baltimore Sun

I think one of the reasons for this latest evolution of ratings dominance might be that Fox was a far better watchdog on the Obama White House than any other TV news organization. It took the heat and the blowback from an administration that showed an enmity for the press not seen on Pennsylvania Avenue since the dark days of Richard Nixon, but it stayed the course. And now with viewers seeing the contempt this administration had for them and the truth, they respect what Fox did the last six years.

Must Read – - – New level of Fox News dominance demands analysis – Baltimore Sun.

U.S.: Wind Energy Firm Sues Government to Block Release of Bird Deaths Data Saying Its Confidential

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Dina Cappiello — Associated Press — November 17, 2014

WASHINGTON — A company that operates at least 13 wind-energy facilities across three states is suing in federal court to block the U.S. government from releasing information to The Associated Press about how many birds are found dead at its facilities.

Pacificorp of Portland, Oregon, is seeking an injunction in U.S. District Court in Utah to prevent the Interior Department from releasing information it considers confidential. The Obama administration has said it planned to turn over the material to The Associated Press, which sought it from the Interior Department in March 2013 under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act. The government concluded that the industry’s concerns were “insufficiently convincing” to keep the files secret.

The information the AP sought was part of its larger investigation into bird and eagle deaths at wind farms and the administration’s reluctance to prosecute the cases…

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TAMMY BRUCE: Jonathan Gruber and Obamacare undone by the ‘stupid’ people – Washington Times

– - Monday, November 17, 2014

TAMMY BRUCE: Jonathan Gruber and Obamacare undone by the ‘stupid’ people - Washington Times

It’s the smug, arrogant, elitist attitude heard around the world. In MIT professor and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber’s case, you can hear his attitude even before he enters a room. For the man who describes the American people as stupid, either directly or in some variation, with his comments captured now on multiple videotapes, Mr. Gruber seems to be proving that he has an issue with projection.

Yet if you relied on the mainstream media, you would have a hard time learning about the inside story from one of the law’s architects. For days, ABC, CBS and NBC ignored the story altogether. The New York Times finally addressed it days after it made international news through new media, The Washington Times and Fox News. How did The New York Times approach it? With a snarky, dismissive blog post, only online. If you rely on the paper version of the Gray Lady, you’d never know this was happening.

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Trey Gowdy explains perfectly why impeaching Obama is a bad idea

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Bill O’Reilly had Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) on “The O’Reilly Factor” Thursday night and asked if impeachment was on the horizon given President Obama’s plans to go through with an executive order on immigration.

Gowdy paused for a moment and delivered a hammer blow: “Have you met Joe Biden?”

“Nobody is discussing impeachment except pundits and commentators. First of all, impeachment is a punishment not a remedy and second of all the only people who want to talk about impeachment are the president’s allies,” Gowdy added.

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Why Are ISPs Removing Their Customers’ Email Encryption?

Why Are ISPs Removing Their Customers' Email Encryption?

Recently, Verizon was caught tampering with its customer’s web requests to inject a tracking super-cookie. Another network-tampering threat to user safety has come to light from other providers: email encryption downgrade attacks.

In recent months, researchers have reportedISPs in the US and Thailand intercepting their customers’ data to strip a security flag—called STARTTLS—from email traffic. The STARTTLS flag is an essential security and privacy protection used by an email server to request encryption when talking to another server or client.1

By stripping out this flag, these ISPs prevent the email servers from successfully encrypting their conversation, and by default the servers will proceed to send email unencrypted. Some firewalls, including Cisco’s PIX/ASA firewall do this in order to monitor for spam originating from within their network and prevent it from being sent. Unfortunately, this causes collateral damage: the sending server will proceed to transmit plaintext email over the public Internet, where it is subject to eavesdropping and interception.

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WSJ: A Secret U.S. Spy Program Is Using Planes to Target Cell Phones

WSJ: A Secret U.S. Spy Program Is Using Planes to Target Cell Phones

A secret U.S. spy program used fake cell phone towers attached to airplanes to scan citizens’ cell phones and collect their data, the Wall Street Journal reports.

What the hell.

The scheme, carried out by the Technical Operations Group of the U.S. Marshals, uses devices known as “dirtboxes” to mimic powerful cell tower signs. These dirtboxes are strong enough to trick phones to automatically switch over to their signals, even if a real tower is nearby. The plan aims to help the Justice Department catch criminals. I’m all for putting the bad guys away, but the way this is being carried out involves bogarting a TON of other peoples’ data in the pursuit of incriminating evidence. Sources say they “let go” of the data after they’ve determined that a phone does not belong a suspect, but what that means exactly is unclear.

When these planes go over cities, they cast an insanely broad airplane data dragnet that sucks up information from phones even if they’re not in use:

MORE  -  -  – WSJ: A Secret U.S. Spy Program Is Using Planes to Target Cell Phones.

From Save the Eagles International: Birds and Wind Farms

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save the eagles

Nov. 10th, 2014

Birds and wind farms
In an article published in the Guardian on November 7th, the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) is quoted saying that since 1980, across 25 European countries, house sparrow numbers have declined by 147 million, a 62% drop to 90 million. According to the same report, starlings have fallen by 45 million, down to 40 million. As for Skylarks, their population went down by 37 million, to 43 million today. Says the author of the article, “It’s principally agricultural intensification that is behind the crisis.” (1)

Populations ranging from 40 to 90 million birds, for the most common of passerine species, are surprisingly small, spread as they are over 25 countries. Thus, if the researchers quoted by the RSPB are correct in their estimates, we are entitled to conclude that wind turbines and their power lines will have…

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Obama’s Visit to China

Dear leader made a great impression …

obama-purple-robe 04_600px

BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh is about to sue the Democrats | Young Conservatives

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh threatened on Monday to sue the Democratic National Campaign Committee – a group of sitting members of Congress – over fundraising emails that claimed he advocated for rape on college campuses.

In a letter to the political organization, lawyers for America’s most listened-to talker demanded a retraction and an apology.

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The day ‘climate change’ became irrelevant in politics – Powerful Green Lobby Defeated In US Midterm Elections

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Republicans Win Control Of US Senate

For Tom Steyer and other environmentalists, $85 million wasn’t enough to help Democrats keep the Senate blue or win more than a single governor’s mansion in Tuesday’s toughest races. The billionaire’s super PAC and other green groups saw the vast majority of their favored candidates in the battleground states go down to defeat, despite spending an unprecedented amount of money to help climate-friendly Democrats in the midterm elections. The outcome brought gloating from Republicans and fossil-fuel supporters even before the results rolled in — and raised questions about whether greens can fulfill their pledge to make climate change a decisive campaign issue in 2016. –Andrew Restuccia, Politico, 5 November 2015

Climate Change: This was one of the dogs that didn’t bark in the 2014 election, even after liberal billionaire Tom Steyer spent an estimated $70 million to promote the issue and a new U.N…

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Even China can’t jump-start the electric car

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China’s Electric Vehicle Policy Not Turning Over
November 6, 2014
By Robert O’Neill

Toward the end of the past decade, China set itself an ambitious goal: to dramatically ramp up its electric vehicle production and surpass the rest of the world’s automobile industries in this important new market. It was a policy intended to play a crucial role in the country’s economic development and long-term energy strategy and in solving some of its important environmental and health problems.

“Examining the Chinese effort to develop an electric vehicle market offers a window into the country’s economics and politics as it confronts these three challenges,” write Henry Lee, senior lecturer in public policy and Jaidah Family Director of the Environment and Natural Resources Program at Harvard Kennedy School, and his coauthors, Sabrina Howell and Adam Heal, both research associates at the Kennedy School, in “Leapfrogging or Stalling Out? Electric Vehicles…

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Waterless Fracking promises more energy, less trouble

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Waterless Fracking may increase access to more energy, without the need to deal with the waste water.From the article:

Researchers at the Colorado School of Mines claim they have developed a method to unlock hydrocarbons trapped in shale with using any water at all. They are seeking to perfect Cryogenic fracturing, which replaces water with searing cold liquid nitrogen (or carbon dioxide). Used at temperatures below minus 321 Fahrenheit, it is pumped underground at high pressure. Once it comes into contact with the heated, pressurized shale, a reaction occurs which caused the shale to crack open and creates fissures through which the hydrocarbons can gush out. They liken it to pouring hot water onto a frozen car windshield, with the sharp and sudden temperature change causing the glass to crack.

There are several positive results from using this technique. First, the liquid nitrogen will evaporate underground eliminating the need for…

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▶ Andrew Klavan: The Debate is Over – YouTube

▶ Andrew Klavan: The Debate is Over – YouTube.

▶ Bill Whittle’s TOP 5 Conservative Principles – YouTube

▶ Bill Whittle's TOP 5 Conservative Principles – YouTube.

▶ We Fired Harry Reid – YouTube

▶ We Fired Harry Reid – YouTube.

The Insanity is Not Confined to Ontario as the UK pays Wind Companies a Record £43 million to Switch Off Turbines

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Wind farms have been paid a record £43 million to switch off turbines so far this year

Emily Gosden — The Telegraph — November 9, 2014

Wind farms have been paid a record £43 million to switch off turbines so far this year, after Britain’s electricity network was unable to cope with the power they produced.

The rising total of so-called “constraint payments” to wind is already a third higher than the entire 2013 total, with two months of the year still to go.

The payments, which are funded by consumer energy bill surcharges, reflect the problem of rapid construction of wind farms across the country without sufficient cable networks to carry the power produced.

The overwhelming majority of the payments to date have been to wind farms in Scotland, where the bulk of wind farms are located.

Electricity demand in Scotland is insufficient to use much of the power produced on…

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Libs are trashing Saira Blair, an 18-year-old Republican who just won a seat in the West Virginia legislature

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This could be the nicest thing you read today, via the Wall Street Journal:

A West Virginia University freshman who did most of her campaigning out of her dorm room became the youngest state lawmaker in the nation Tuesday.

Republican Saira Blair, a fiscally conservative 18-year-old, will represent a small district in West Virginia’s eastern panhandle, about 1½ hours outside Washington, D.C., after defeating her Democratic opponent 63% to 30%, according to the Associated Press. A third candidate got 7% of the vote.

In a statement, Ms. Blair thanked her supporters and family, as well as her opponents for running a positive campaign. “History has been made tonight in West Virginia, and while I am proud of all that we have accomplished together, it is the future of this state that is now my singular focus,” she said.

Ms. Blair campaigned on a pledge to work to reduce…

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